Washed up

Tossed aside like flotsam
carried on your breaking wave.

I tumble to the sand,
a single piece of something more
forgotten and broken.

It isn’t like I blame you
you know I never could.
The allure of something new
something shiny,
something whole.

To fix a broken thing
takes time and so much more
it takes a patient ear,
a soothing tongue,
a calm embrace.

I don’t expect that
you will want to face
the blackness in my mind.
The bleak and hollow echoes
that thump within my heart.


Explosions of insight
Light up the sky
As I lie here in the rain
And wait to die

A poignant moment
Frozen in time in my mind
The start of all this;
The end of all that.

A flash of lightning
Makes my pupils blow
And my tortured, beaten body
Lies broken on the floor.

I fought as best I could,
I played my part;
But I was overcome
And the thunder broke my heart