Dream Girl

In my dreams I have touched your skin
a thousand times,
run my hand along your graceful curves
felt every groove, every goose-bump, every pore.
I have touched your hair
pressed its silk to my lips,
smelled its sweet perfume,
rinsed my hands in its luxurious flow.
I have held you tightly, held you softly.
I have kissed, caressed and worshipped your body.
I have used you, let you use me.
We have danced and laughed, sat and cried.
Raged through anger and sailed through happiness.
I know every part of your body,
Every freckle, every mole.

I have sat and watched you sleep,
curved my body around yours.
We are not master and servant.
We are equals in this. Partners.
Both Master.
Both servant.
Giver and taker.
Hurter and comforter.
Castigator and redeemer.

You have transported me to heaven,
dragged me through hell.
We have shared spittle, blood, tears and tales.
Faced the world together and triumphed.
Celebrated with champagne and rampant sex;
Tears and resignation.

I am strong, vibrant and content because of you.
I am everything I am, because of you.
I am better because of you.
But you are only in my dreams.