A Moment of Clarity

The cut of your dress
As it clings to your curves
Slices my vision
Like a blade across my heart

With each nervous step
I move closer to you
The weight of the moment
Makes my feet feel like lead

Your grace turns heads
All around the bar
And that green eyed
Old friend of mine

But then I’m with you
And the world flows on
the sounds of the bar
Are washed away by our tide.

And in this sublime still life
I could stay with you forever
Our perfect conceit,
Our lust, our love, our pain
Our pride and sorrow
Our dreams of tomorrow
Held in perfect stasis
Encased in crystal ice

For one glorious moment
We are enraptured
My eyes locked with yours
Your smile, however slight,
Speaks volumes to me.

But then the bar rushes in
Our dance is stopped
The spell broken
As you pass me by
In a rush of perfume
And promise

My head turns,
Watching you walk away,
And I’m left wondering,
Who you were.

The Rose

As delicate as a dusky rose,
Her scent was just as sweet.
Her laugh as bright as the day
Golden hair shimmered like the sun.

I watched from afar
A schoolboy caught
And thrown into orbit
Around her star.

I longed to reach out
To touch the petals
Of that rarest rose
To savour every silken inch.

But I was young
And fear gripped me,
Stayed my hand
And held me back.

If I were to try and hold this flower
Would she resist my touch?
Burn me with the shame
Of rejection?

Would her thorns pierce my flesh?
A mechanism for her protection?
Or would she turn her face to me,
As a flower does the sun?

The answers to these questions,
I will never know.
For every flower in nature
Must bloom and prosper and grow.

And so my dusky rose
Turned her face to the sun
And I watched,
Numb with love and fear
Knowing I was not
The one she chose.

Time though,
Is the greatest healer
And has given me others
To hold close

But in those quiet moments
When I sit alone and reflect
I think about my childhood crush
And my delicate dusky rose.


You know,
It’s funny
That on this day
When others remember
Those who lost their lives
On beaches far away,
That I just remember you.

It’s true when they say
That time dulls the pain,
But memories linger
And a certain sadness remains.
A meloncholy longing
To have known you longer
Than a childhood half lived.

Even though I have forgotten
The sound of your voice
And time erodes the features
Of your face from my mind,
When others remember
Those who lost their lives
I just remember you.

Beggars Would Ride

If I could tell you
the things I wanted to say,
I would tell you that
I think you’re beautiful.

I would let you know
how much I wanted
to feel your skin
against mine.

I would explain
how much I feel alive
in your company
how you make me smile

If I could
do all of those things
I wouldn’t need to write
them down

and hope
that someday
you’ll read these words
and understand.


Tugged by heartstrings
twirled around her slender fingers.

His heart is made to dance
to her siren song.

Drawn by her promise
of regard and warm affection
ensnared by the cool touch
of bewitching fingers

He remains,
bound by a connection
that bids him to motion;
the dance of the marionette.

A twisted puppet of devotion,
a tool to boost her shallow ego.
A servant starved of need;
tossed scraps of sweet emotion

A subtle smile and stolen glance
keep him spiralling in the dance,
and at her whim his strings are cut
He lies forgotten; trampled underfoot

The girl and the lake

She reflects upon the surface
As the cold wet arms of the lake
Take her in their deadly embrace.
She feels the cold tendrils curl
Around her calves, her thighs, her waist.

The water pales her skin,
It darkens her lips
It shadows her pale serene eyes,
ecstatic in its aqueous grip.

The darkness envelops her,
the currents caress her
as the lake takes her under;
binds her in a fatal matrimony.

A cold, pale and bloated wife,
torn from her former life.
The lake is a jealous lover,
needy and clasping and hungry.
It pulls and it tugs; an insistent caress.

The flow of the undertow
balloons her white dress
as the life finally flows from her eyes
and bubbles rise from her throat
carrying the last of her sighs.
The lake is a jealous lover.


If I could take all the flowers
that bloom in the springtime,
I would bind them together with care
twine a multi-coloured crown
to sit atop your sun-kissed hair.

If I could catch all the April showers
that fall in the springtime
I would pour each glistening drop
into a pitcher filled to the brim
from which your honeyed lips could sup

If I could take the freshest breeze
that blows in the springtime,
harness that gentle zephyr
and turn its kiss on you
to cool your dew dipped skin

If I could do all of these things;
if I could bring you the springtime,
would you turn your soft gaze to me,
And would you slip your hand in mine?

Then we could lie together,
in the tender hush,
of the springtime.

You could, if you wanted to…

You could de-construct my pieces,
find your way inside.
Tap at the stone
that replaced my heart;
hope to hear an echo.

You could climb into the abysm
that used to house my soul.
Close your eyes in its darkness
find a memory of before.

You could creep into my mind;
find the joy that someone stole.
You could.
I wish you would.

But you won’t.

Dream Girl

In my dreams I have touched your skin
a thousand times,
run my hand along your graceful curves
felt every groove, every goose-bump, every pore.
I have touched your hair
pressed its silk to my lips,
smelled its sweet perfume,
rinsed my hands in its luxurious flow.
I have held you tightly, held you softly.
I have kissed, caressed and worshipped your body.
I have used you, let you use me.
We have danced and laughed, sat and cried.
Raged through anger and sailed through happiness.
I know every part of your body,
Every freckle, every mole.

I have sat and watched you sleep,
curved my body around yours.
We are not master and servant.
We are equals in this. Partners.
Both Master.
Both servant.
Giver and taker.
Hurter and comforter.
Castigator and redeemer.

You have transported me to heaven,
dragged me through hell.
We have shared spittle, blood, tears and tales.
Faced the world together and triumphed.
Celebrated with champagne and rampant sex;
Tears and resignation.

I am strong, vibrant and content because of you.
I am everything I am, because of you.
I am better because of you.
But you are only in my dreams.