A Moment of Clarity

The cut of your dress
As it clings to your curves
Slices my vision
Like a blade across my heart

With each nervous step
I move closer to you
The weight of the moment
Makes my feet feel like lead

Your grace turns heads
All around the bar
And that green eyed
Old friend of mine

But then I’m with you
And the world flows on
the sounds of the bar
Are washed away by our tide.

And in this sublime still life
I could stay with you forever
Our perfect conceit,
Our lust, our love, our pain
Our pride and sorrow
Our dreams of tomorrow
Held in perfect stasis
Encased in crystal ice

For one glorious moment
We are enraptured
My eyes locked with yours
Your smile, however slight,
Speaks volumes to me.

But then the bar rushes in
Our dance is stopped
The spell broken
As you pass me by
In a rush of perfume
And promise

My head turns,
Watching you walk away,
And I’m left wondering,
Who you were.


If I could take all the flowers
that bloom in the springtime,
I would bind them together with care
twine a multi-coloured crown
to sit atop your sun-kissed hair.

If I could catch all the April showers
that fall in the springtime
I would pour each glistening drop
into a pitcher filled to the brim
from which your honeyed lips could sup

If I could take the freshest breeze
that blows in the springtime,
harness that gentle zephyr
and turn its kiss on you
to cool your dew dipped skin

If I could do all of these things;
if I could bring you the springtime,
would you turn your soft gaze to me,
And would you slip your hand in mine?

Then we could lie together,
in the tender hush,
of the springtime.